It’s common for homeowners to perform basic maintenance work on their own. This includes electrical repairs, like replacing light bulbs, changing sockets, and installing electric fixtures. These tasks are simple enough and anyone who’s adept at using basic tools, like a screwdriver and pliers, can perform them easily.

If the scope of the electrical repairs goes beyond simple tweaking with hand tools, however, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to do the job. For residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our electricians at Legendary Electric are always ready to respond to your call. We’ll take care of your home’s major electrical problems and save you from the dangers of DIY electric repairs.

Fire Hazards and Shock Risk

Any repair work that involves rewiring or delving into the electrical system of your house is a major project. Therefore, you need to entrust the work to certified electricians. Otherwise, you risk exposing yourself and your family to serious injury and fire hazards.

If you mistakenly expose the main power line, for instance, you or someone else in the vicinity might get an electric shock. Far from being the comical outcome in sitcoms and movies, electric shocks can do serious damage to a person’s health.

Additionally, a poor rewiring job can spark fires at any given time. We see examples of these all the time: twisted wires haphazardly wrapped with electric tape; wall switches installed near water sources; plastic-sheathed wires lying exposed on high-traffic areas, and installing outdoor lighting without junction boxes.

These fire hazards can lie dormant for weeks, then flare when you least expect them.

Revoked Insurance Claims

Should your DIY repairs result in a fire or cause any form of damage to your home, it’s unlikely that your insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs.

Home insurance plans typically require properties to comply with local and state codes. This includes having only certified electricians perform major electrical repairs. If you want to keep your home insurance benefits intact, call a professional service provider.

Higher Costs in the Long Run

It may not be immediately apparent, but messing around with your home’s electrics can cost you more in the long run.

If your knowledge of electrical repair is limited to begin with, there’s a good chance you’ll have to repeat what you’ve done again and again. This multiplies what’s supposed to be a one-time, cheap repair. It would have served you better to spend the money on a professional electrician from the beginning.

Additionally, you might overlook issues that can potentially escalate to bigger and more costly problems. You can pre-empt them and avoid the exorbitant costs if you hire professionals. At Legendary Electric, for instance, checking your entire system for potential problems is part of our SOP.

Acknowledging the limitations of your knowledge in electrical repairs will save your household from imminent harm. Your family’s safety is reason enough to spend a couple more dollars on professional services. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this scenario.

Ensure your family’s safety and put down those DIY tools. Contact us and entrust your electrical repairs to Legendary Electric.