Children are naturally curious, and as a parent, you’ve probably seen them in action. But this same curiosity can lead your children to danger.

The electrical outlets, cords, and other apparatus that lie around the house are likely hazards for your children, and leaving these dangers unattended can lead to electrocution. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Child Safety Tips for Electric Sockets

The National Fire Protection Association states that approximately 2,400 children are victims of severe shocks and burns from inserting conductive materials, such as keys and coins into electrical outlets.

But preventing your children from putting anything into electrical outlets is relatively easy. For one, you can buy electrical outlet caps. These products are made of plastic, a well-known insulator that ensures no risk of electric shock at all. What’s more, the exposed portion of the cover is flat so your child won’t be able to grip it.

You can also opt for safe plates, which directly cover the outlet’s holes. The plate makes it so that your child can only poke the cover and not the holes.

Childproofing Electric Cords

Electric cords are responsible for more electric shock-related injuries than outlets. One study reported by WebMD stated that electrical cords were responsible for more than 63 percent of injuries while outlets accounted for 15 percent of injuries. This means that you should pay closer attention to the cords lying around the house, too.

A quick tip: when not connected to a power outlet, never sweep your appliances’ cords under the rug. Doing this creates a potential fire hazard, putting your entire family at risk.

Instead, use gaffer tape to keep your cords out of view. This is extremely efficient as the tape can stick to any surface without leaving any sticky excess. For a longer cord, you can roll them up into a coil and use a zip tie to hold it in place.

Ensuring Safety Around Power Strips

Power strips left on the ground are susceptible to a crawling baby or a curious toddler. But what makes power strips extremely dangerous is if you forget to unplug them. You can turn it off and leave it plugged, but even then, it can electrocute any poor soul that comes too close for comfort.

The best way to address this problem is to buy equipment that’s specifically made for power strips. There are affordable power strip covers on the market that childproofs your equipment, and the best part is that these are wall-mountable.

It’s normal to worry about your children, even when they’re at home. The good news is that you can do something about it. Identify common electrical hazards and reduce the risks of accidents by resolving them early on. And ensure your child’s safety by keeping an eye on them at all times.

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